Our personal effectiveness courses will equip your staff with the skills, confidence and attributes they need to reach their career and personal goals.

Giving Great Presentations

Do you want your staff to have the presence, authority and gravitas to deliver powerful presentations that influence, motivate and persuade their audience, capturing their attention and imagination?

It doesn’t matter if your team are new to giving presentations, only present a couple of times a year or regularly give presentations, this is the course for them.

This is not a theory-based course. It is filled with lots of practical strategies and approaches that can be taken away and used. The course is delivered by Paul Gray, Learn Spark director, founder and senior facilitator. He has over twenty years’ experience as a teacher, presenter, trainer and facilitator having worked with tens of thousands of people throughout Northern Ireland. He is renowned for his ability to captivate an audience with his style, approach and humour. Throughout the session he will let you into his secrets, allowing you to deliver presentations that will make a real impact!

Key areas that will be explored:

  • Communication techniques for influence and persuasion, with examples from actors, presidents and television presenters.
  • How to develop scripting and storytelling techniques that make everything you say more engaging and memorable.
  • Strategies for overcoming challenging questions and objections.
  • Ways to avoid the common mistakes of poor visual aids by learning how the experts use compelling slides, props and flip charts to bring everything to life.
Time Control

Effectively Managing Time

We live in a busy world with ever increasing demands on our time and energy. As we know, these demands don’t form an orderly queue for us to deal with – they all seem to come along at the same time. We face pressures from home, work, friends, family and from the media and society. We are told that we need to be available parents, dedicated employees, master chefs, running marathons (or some other endurance sport) and able to make time for friends and our wider families. Give us a break!

We know course descriptions shouldn’t start with what we won’t do but then again this is no ordinary course on time management. We won’t tell you how to fit it all in, instead we will tell you how to take control. There’s a difference: one is about prioritising your demands and working your way through them – we all know this and don’t need a course to tell us; the other is about eliminating the time-wasters that use up our valuable time – for example, certain tasks, certain people and ourselves in our actions and attitudes. By applying the techniques and strategies discussed throughout this course, you will be fully capable of making time for every task you really need to do and not feeling guilty for eliminating the ones you don’t need or want to do.

Key areas that will be explored:

  • Time audits to understand pressures and demands.
  • Identifying productive time users and the time-wasters.
  • Techniques, strategies, actions and attitudes required to take control.
  • Setting out a personal road map for higher levels of productivity with less guilt.
Resilience Training

Building Coping Skills

Feel energised and confident with positive ways to manage daily challenges.

This powerful course will provide highly effective practical advice and positive strategies to help manage the many daily challenges we all face in work and life. It will benefit anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of dealing with the pressure and stresses that affect our well-being, effectiveness and confidence.

This course looks at identifying stressors in life and how different personality types respond to these pressures. It explores how to deal with and react to these key challenges and works through specific techniques, strategies and communication styles allowing you to take back control and become more resilient, ultimately achieving a better work–life balance.  

Key areas that will be explored:

  • Considering how we react to and deal with stress.
  • Strategies to manage stress and feel more in control of our daily activities.
  • Tried and tested relaxation techniques.
  • How to handle difficult people and situations.
  • Practical advice, strategies and approaches for stress management and control.
Assert Yourself

Taking Control of Communication

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to say something but didn’t or couldn’t? Have you ever been in a leadership position and found it difficult to push back against the dominant forces in your team? Or perhaps you have lost your temper or got upset and regretted it afterwards. Developing your assertiveness skills would help with all these situations allowing you to take back control.

This course will help you stand up for your rights and allow you to express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways. It will help you recognise your own type of behaviour and how you come across to others. It will also transform how you deal with demanding situations and people and teach you how to communicate assertively rather than passively or aggressively.

Key areas that will be explored:

  • Understanding the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour.
  • Greater understanding of your rights and responsibilities when communicating.
  • The fear and anxiety associated with assertive communication.
  • Strategies and approaches to being assertive.
  • How to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty or backing down.
  • How to deal with particularly difficult situations and people.
Powerful Applicant

Make an Impact at Interview

This course is specifically designed for anyone preparing for and attending an interview for a new position or promotion. It will provide the steps, strategies and skills you need to stand out from other applicants.

Being successful in an interview has as much to do with the attitude you go in with as what you say. First impressions count, so working on tone, facial expressions, posture and body language can go a long way to ensuring you make the right impact.

During the course we will examine how to structure answers to interview questions to maximise scoring. We will look at techniques to strengthen self-confidence and explore how to present yourself convincingly.

No matter what the position, attending this course will give attendees the enthusiasm, techniques, clarity and above all the confidence they need to put their best foot forward. The course will be facilitated by experts with extensive experience of interviewing staff for positions at all levels and across different sectors.

Key areas that will be explored:

  • How to sell yourself succinctly and persuasively.
  • How to raise your awareness of the impression you make and how to enhance it.
  • How to gain confidence and genuinely believe that you are the strongest candidate.
  • How to answer common scenario- and competence-based questions.
  • Advice on the scoring system and how to maximise your scores.